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rain, sleep,


Rain— I’ll write a fluffy drabble of our characters kissing in the rain. 
Sleep — I’ll write a drabble of my character snuggling in bed with yours.

One would think with the travelling that he did, Richard would have been better prepared. He knew there would be two of them upon the road when he had departed, they had planned such a venture for some time now after all. His duties had finally lulled, and he could afford a few days to spend with the one who grew dearer to him each day. He wanted to spend some times with her, away from his desk, away from the advisors and the guards that would seek him out even if he told them he taking a day’s repose. He wanted it to be simply the two of them, and what better place than where they first met? 

It was a small trek through Windor’s lands, along less travelled roads, those that broke through more wilderness than settlements, a small camping trip of sorts. He wanted to show Colette more of his kingdom, more of the lands he loved so passionately. This place that held beauty like few other things in his eyes. Though the one who walked beside him certainly could contest. 

It took little more than the first few hours, the first steps beyond teh city and onto the road with Colette at his side for the monarch to let out a sigh, to feel the tensions slip away and his heart slowly find itself at ease. It warmed with each eager smile she offered, each bright eyed look when they spotted local wildlife, when they’d coaxed the birds into accepting seed from her hands. To any other it would seem like so little and yet to Richard this was everything. This was the world, this was the kind of person that he worked so hard to preserve and protect. To build a place where that smile, that light never faded. 

It wasn’t until they paused for the first night that he realized his oversight. He’d brought enough food for the trip and bandages in case of injury, a spare cloak and waterskin and pot to heat water and yet, he’d not thought to pack a blanket against the early summer night and the cool air they still held to. 

"Aren’t you cold?" Colette asked, her voice the only noise against the singing of crickets and occasional croak of frogs, a summer night melody in Windor’s wilds. The fire’s embers had dimmed to a faint glow, no longer offering the heat that their fire had earlier in the evening. "I know its summer, but it can still get pretty cold. You should probably use a blanket at least. I wouldn’t want you to get sick." 

Richard chuckled a bit nervously, not wanting to admit such a foolish oversight. “I’ll be alright, thank you for your concern.” 

Colette paused a moment and Richard knew he hadn’t fooled her for a moment. She had always been frighteningly perceptive. Perhaps that was part of what endeared him to her. She saw him.

It had frightened him once; he had never wanted anyone to see him, to see his past, see the weak and ugly self that he kept hidden under fine clothing and pretty titles. Yet therein lied his conflict, he wanted to reach out, wanted others to know him yet in the same breath he was terrified of it. That they would come to see him as he knew himself to be, that they would come to hate him… as he believed at times he should be. 

Yet Colette saw none of that, she looked right through him, she saw him, saw his weakness and his scars, his tears and his darkness and she had not cared from him any less because of it. There… was no manner of words Richard knew that could say what that meant to him. Though it also meant she saw right through him as well, especially in moments such as these. 

"You forgot your blanket didn’t you?" her voice came and Richard could only chuckle again, pinned by her perceptiveness. 

"I was a foolish oversight, I know. I was so busy tending other matters it slipped my mind." 

"You should have said something, silly!" Colette sat up, holding up her own blanket. "Mine’s big enough, we can share." 

"Are you certain?" 

"Of course!" 

Richard opened his mouth to protest further but Colette gave him a look that told him quite plainly she would have nothing of it and with an apologetic smile in concession, he found himself tucked under her blanket, Colette’s own warmth pressed against his side and chasing away the chill that had clung to him. 

"Goodness, you’re really cold. You should have said something sooner." 

"It’s quite alright," he assured her. Turning his head his golden gaze fell upon her, traced her profile in the light of the moon. Even in its silver light she was enrapturing. Her blue eyes, golden hair that spilled beneath her and mixed with his own. A contented smile took up upon his face and his gaze shifted back upwards towards a canvas of stars splayed across the heavens in a manner one could not witness in the city. 


"Hm?" her voice was quiet, a bit sleepy and Richard did not want to fully disturb her. A cool breeze blew and though their blanket secure, Richard still found his arm reaching about her, pulling her in and tucking her close. 

"Do you enjoy the stars?" 

"Mhm," she answered softly. "They’re very beautiful. I used to count them… back when I couldn’t sleep. They made the nights less lonely. Though Kratos would stay up with me too sometimes. But I didn’t want them to worry, so I would lay like this, and count the stars."

Richard’s hold tightened ever so slightly. “I don’t know, if I’ve ever really thought upon them much,” Richard confessed. “They were beautiful, but also so distant, always felt beyond my reach. Tonight however, they don’t seem that way…” he trailed of a moment, sleep beginning to beckon to him. His arm pulled Colette slightly closer, drawn to her warmth, fingers wrapped in the fabric of her white dress. “Tonight they feel as if I could reach out and touch them. As though that hope not so completely impossible.” 

"Maybe because it isn’t," Colette suggested softly. 

"Perhaps because… it is not nearly so far away as I once believed. I don’t know… what the future holds but…" Richard paused. 

"I hope that… you need never lay alone beneath the stars and count them to console you… ever again. I won’t let… you be alone that way.. so… "

Colette smiled, reaching over a brushing a stray piece of blond hair from the young king’s face. “Good night Richard,” she said, sinking into his grasp, and the warmth he offered her in turn.

"I hope… so too."  

"It’s a rather remarkable semblance, the craftsman did a remarkable job. Though you carry more beauty in you than any such statue could fully portray."

"I…that’s very kind of you —- …do I really? " She wasn’t  certain about that!


He ran so much he lost his paws. :(




"You’re worried about her? " She maintained her smile, but her eyes betrayed her. The sentences he created moved her, not on a stranger’s level, but on a personal one. 

"…I’m sure she isn’t very far from you." Hesitantly, peering down at her feet, she mustered a smile.


"Sometimes though..I think you have to look."

The first thought that came to mind was that Yuri was practically an alien in these lands.


"Look? I wouldn’t know where to—"

He instinctively turned to face her. Did she just... he shouldn’t jump to conclusions, but she talked as if she knew what he was thinking.

Albeit still a bit hesitantly, he looked at her, waited until she stopped peering down at her feet and held his breath.


This is crazy. There’s just no way…

"You wouldn’t have to look very far." Colette attempted, still hesitating on this choice. It was so nonsensical. It would be logical for him to think her crazy, disturbing — all manner of things but. She felt if he couldn’t see her eyes — then..what did that mean for them? If they couldn’t recognize one another by look alone?

Her head came up at last, peering into the familiar, dark eyes that had assured her many a time.