[I am glad we are friends]

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But look how adorable she is


For Sheryl it’s always been about her desire to live. No matter what life throws at her, no matter how much shit gets thrown her way, even if she is dying of a terminal disease; she’s going to survive. I love that grit and gumption she has. It’s why it’s such a big deal when she does give up for a moment about 2/3 of the way through the series. Because she has always fought tooth and nail and it is so uncharacteristic of her not to, and that just showed the utter depth of her despair at that moment. 

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Tumblr seems to know what’s up whenever I enter the first name of the Symphonian Eight. They just like enter it for me 

i mean between all the popular games
i’m really happy it’s the one that’s famous
because idk it’s my childhood and it’s so important!!!!!

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[Alvin and his crossover friends 2/?]

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It was no trouble to the small woman.
With gentle eyes did she regard the little girl. 

"You mean Richard of Windor? If so,
then yes! He’s my dear friend!
Are you perhaps Sophie?
Your hair is really beautiful!”

The smile that lit up her face was by no accounts false, and she held out a warm hand, eyes crinkling as it deepened only further.

"My name is Colette — am I right?"



She responded with a single nod.

"Thank you. Your hair is really beautiful too. It’s really shiny and a pretty shade of blonde. Your name is really pretty too."

Sophie couldn’t help but shower the angel in compliments, she was just so pretty! And on top of that she was kind. Yes, if Richard truly was interested in this woman than Sophie would be more than happy to call Colette her big sister.


"It’s nice to meet you Colette."

"Goodness — um, that’s really nice of you! So are you, Sophie! "

Colette’s cheeks flushed in response, fidgeting delicately with the edge of her white dress. Mildly bewildered as to why the girl looked so genuinely happy to see her, the angel could only speculate. But she knew this was one of Richard’s best friends, so she had all the respect in the world and more.

"It’s really nice to meet you too! I’ve heard so much about you so this is wonderful to meet you in person! So you live here?"